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2022 TDP Virtual

September 30, 2022


Is there a specific day that the virtual ride will happen?
Do I need YSC’s permission to hold an event or ride of my own to fundraise for YSC Tour de Pink?
How much does registration cost for TDP Virtual?
How can I connect with, get to know and share ideas with other TdP participants?
Is there an age restriction to ride?
How do I track my progress toward my mileage goal?
How do I get a jersey?
How is TDP VIRTUAL different from in-person TDP?


How do I fundraise?
My company would like to become a corporate sponsor of the YSC Tour de Pink events. What sponsorship opportunities are available? 
How do I make a donation? 
Is my gift tax deductible? 
Will my donor’s information be shared with anyone? 
Is the Young Survival Coalition 501(c)(3) non-profit organization?
What is YSC's Tax ID number?